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In the world of building surveys everything is regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). It is important that whoever carries out a building survey is RICS registered. A RICS registered surveyor is also regulated by RICS and maintains compliance to this regulation & registration by carrying out their work in accordance with the RICS code of practice. This ensures that the surveying service that you receive is of regulated high standard.

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Why is a Building Survey Important

There is no such thing as a cheap property & all property sales transactions carry a degree of risk to both the buyer & any lender who is providing the capital. This risk can be minimised proportionally to the amount that is know about the condition of the property. This detail of property condition is provided by a building / property survey.

Because a building / property survey helps to identify risk on what is normally a substantial asset acquisition it is important that the survey is carried out by a RICS registered surveyor and that the correct survey type is chosen.


Types / Levels of Building Survey

We give a full description of all RICS Survey Types within the site page RICS property Surveys.

Each building / property survey type will be dependant on the requirement for the survey, it may be a condition of sale stipulated by the purchaser or lender before a transaction can be completed, hence the term 'subject to survey'. A survey can also be at the insistence of a local planning authority to ensure that any building modification or construction complies to building regulations. In short there are many reasons for needing a building survey & different survey types to choose, each being applicable to certain situations.

If you need help & / or advice about which RICS survey is right for your needs then please feel free to contact us and our expert staff will be more than willing to assist in any way that we can.


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