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This survey was for a bungalow located in Nottinghamshire. It was built circa 1975. We had recently had some heavy snow fall, so the survey had to be postponed for a week, but now the covering was melting, we were able to inspect to a satisfactory degree. From this we were able to discover that numerous ridge tiles were missing from the roof and that the mortar was deteriorating in other places. None of this would have been noted if we had inspected when the snow was heavier.

It was in reasonable condition inside although there were several boxes piled quite high. This can prove an issue if they are blocking large areas. Most vendor’s will move the obstruction and our attention can be drawn to any that can’t or won’t be moved. In those cases, we look around the area in more detail to see if we can find any evidence that the obstruction could be hiding any serious issues. In this case, the vendor happily moved a few so that we could inspect the area. There were a number of general repairs, commensurate with the age of the property that needed to be undertaken. Most of these were highlighted in amber by the surveyor – meaning that they require attention but are not considered serious or urgent.

There was a fair amount of misting to the windows – this can be caused when condensation forms on the interior and exterior glazing. Normally this is an issue with the sealing and should be repaired soon. It will mean that the double glazing is not performing well and will not be energy efficient and will mean an increase in your heating bills.

Finally, outside a cesspool was discovered in the back garden. Again, this may not have been unearthed with a thick covering of snow! No mention of this had been in the sales particulars and in this case our client, the purchaser, was unaware. Cesspools must be emptied at regular intervals. Older installations can leak without warning and if this pollutes the local environment, the property owner can be fined and held responsible for any damage caused. It is normally advised that you plan to replace the cesspit with a more reliable packaged sewerage treatment plant in the future.

Mainly because of the discovery of the cesspool, our client decided against purchase.

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