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Listed Building Surveys

We recently undertook a Building Survey Report (BSR) for a Grade II Listed property in the market town of Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire. Listed Buildings must have a full Building Survey Report (BSR) rather than a HomeBuyers Report (HBR) as they require specialist attention. We have the knowledge and understanding of these unique properties which is also important when it come to choosing a surveyor. Listed Buildings are divided into two grades; Grade I (most protected) and Grade II. 91.7% of these fall into the Grade II category.

Within a stones-throw from the historic Ashby Castle, the residential house, was a mid-terrace and was visited on a cold and wet day. Generally, the house was in reasonable condition but did require numerous and various repairs and improvement, most of which would require specialist care as all works would need to meet current legislation. Original materials would be required in all repairs in order to maintain the historic interest. All that being said, deficiencies in buildings of this age would be expected, so in general the building was seen to be in good order.

It should be noted that if any changes had been undertaken by the present owner, these would have been investigated to ensure that they had received Listed Building Consent. The surveyor was also there to discuss any future changes that our client may want to consider and to talk through whether these would be acceptable given the historic importance of a Grade II listed property.

As a BSR provides you with estimated cost of repairs (over £300), our surveyor consulted specialist companies to obtain repair estimates.

In the final report, the client was made very clear of their obligations should they wish to purchase the Grade II Listed property. This included an issue with the chimney which they were not aware of and a slight case of historic wood worm that would require immediate treatment. The outbuildings were given a red rating by the surveyor which required immediate attention because of the dangerous roof. Full information was provided, and the client was exceptionally happy as none of the main defects had been noticed by them!

The client renegotiated the price and went on to purchase.

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