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Property Surveys in Snow

We all joke about the country coming to a standstill when we get snow, but did you know that snow can seriously affect the quality of your survey? In the event of heavy snowfall, we may have to postpone a survey. Why? Well, as the outside of the property needs to be inspected as well as the inside, a covering of snow can prevent your surveyor from being able to carry out a detailed inspection of the boundary, drains as well as the roof. Thereby, only providing a part-inspection of the property – which, to abide with the remit of the RICS, we are not permitted to do.

So, what happens in the unlikely event that your survey is postponed? When the weather improves enough, we arrange for the earliest available appointment. Your Local Surveyor make all the necessary arrangements with the vendor or agent, so there is no additional work or arranging for you to have to worry about. We contact you with the new date and let you know when you should expect your survey report to be emailed.

We understand that is not always ideal when you’re in the throes of a house purchase but not only would we failing our duty to the RICS, we would most importantly be failing you, the client, by providing you with half a survey!

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