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We offer a full range of RICS home / property surveys, from a RICS LEVEL 1 condition report to a full RICS LEVEL 3 survey. Each survey type being relevant to either the client's needs & / or the condition, age or construction method of the property.

Most commonly we are asked to carry out Homebuyers Reports which can be with or without a property valuation. If this is the type of report you are seeking then please see our Home Buyers Report  page for more specific details.

There are various types of RICS property survey available each being appropriate for different needs & types of properties. To check which type of property survey you require please see our RICS Property Surveys  page.

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Why is Home / Property Survey Important?

Even the basic RICS LEVEL 1 condition report can give you peace of mind in what you are about to purchase & even help with negotiating the price down based on its contents.


Many people fall into the trap of believing that a property valuation is a type of property survey when it is not. Property valuations are normally commissioned by those who are lending you the money to purchase the property. They require such to assess and secure / reduce any risk based on the asset valuation (the property).

A property valuation is given based primarily on the assumed market value of the property & where the basic overall condition of the property may be reflected in its valuation. The valuation process itself does not include an assessment of structural condition as will have been assessed via a RICS survey.

Not having any type of property survey carried out on a potential property purchase can leave you open to an array of liabilities. It is likely that the body who provided you with the finance to purchase the property state in their terms & conditions that you maintain the property to at least the property valuation given at the time of signing the agreement, thereby maintaining their security against the provision of finance. If this condition is breached due to any form of structural failing after the purchase of the property then you will be liable for the cost of the repair of such without any recourse to either the vendor or the lender.

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